Apollo Strategists is an independent Luxembourg PR advisory company specialized in strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations, reputation management and public & government affairs.


Apollo Strategists engineers and executes communications strategies, drawing upon the multidisciplinary experience of its experts in crisis management, public affairs and media relations.

We help executives and management teams to seize opportunities, stake a competitive position, articulate their brand, manage crises and navigate market and business disruptions. Our team of trusted advisors has many years of experience in corporate communications and second-to-none knowledge about communicating to audiences in Luxembourg, whether that be to employees, (business) media, politicians or other important stakeholders. We advise investors, company owners, business leaders and board of directors at a strategic level.
We have a diverse portfolio of clients including financial institutions, leading law firms, global and local technology and industrial companies and cultural and governmental organisations. Our office is located in the heart of Luxembourg-city but we operate in a global market. Being an independent member of the FTI Consulting network, a global business advisory firm with worldwide office, we benefit from the expertise of an international network which we combine with our detailed understanding and our expertise of the local market.

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JULY 20 2022

Communication rhymes with anticipation

Crises often trigger a wave of panic among companies that are afraid of being not prepared enough to weather the storm. A crisis, when well-managed, creates a real opportunity for the company which can prepare its structure for the future. Crises reshuffle the cards, they upset just as much as they open up new fields to explore. A company that manages to get through a crisis is one that seized the opportunity to identify new growth levers and adapt the structure of their organization in order to build for the future.
JUNE 22 2022

Values - the backbone of a company

An organization based on a strategy of transparency - rooted in strong values, a mission, and a vision - rich with a culture shared by all employees, is no doubt the Holy Grail for any organisation. In this era of transparency made imperative, we no longer want messages that rings hollow, but we rely on authentic and meaningful communication.