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Colour to liven up business attire

In the October issue of Paperjam, Pascale Kauffman talks about her signature style and the role colour plays in brightening up the wardrobe. ( ... )

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AUGUST 3 2021

A (somewhat different) conversation with Nathalie, a student who worked at Apollo this summer!

Let us introduce you to Nathalie Schroeder, our intern at Apollo Strategists for the month of July! After reading the short (and funny) interview, you’ll understand why she came back a second time. ( ... )

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JUNE 30 2021

Please meet Kai!

Kai Knudson, our Austrian American though Luxembourgish-at-heart intern at Apollo Strategists, surprised us with his quick wits and hands-on approach. We loved his humour and good company. So how did Kai live through his internship at Apollo, what did he like, what experience did he make? Please meet Kai. ( ... )

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APRIL 1 2021

“The Job Shadow Day – a huge opportunity!”

... says Pierre (Pit) Roth, high school student and trainee for a day at Apollo Strategists. As graduation comes closer ( ... )

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MARCH 25 2021

365 days of building muscles

Burning hard as you prepare for change and come out of the crisis first and best. In order to do so, you will have to ( ... )

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MARCH 23 2021

365 days ago…

We continue to wonder what ducks do during the winter. How do they survive? Where is their shelter? ( ... )

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MARCH 18 2021

365 days before...

We thought that the day after tomorrow would be better than the day before yesterday. We thought that we were asked to hold our horses for some weeks and that the race would start again, soon! ( ... )

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MARCH 11 2021

How communication & PR trigger business resilience strategy and first-hand experience?

As the main objective for companies remains resilience - the ability to survive and energize the business through unpredictable, changing and potentially adverse events - communication has to adopt, drive change and boost business. ( ... )

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Expertise Sharing Workshop

Book your spot now for this March 11 #SharingExpertise Workshop lead by Pascale Kauffman and get answers to questions like: What are the essentials of communication in changing times? Did you optimize what you learned so far, in terms of content and budget shifting? ( ... )

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JANUARY 29 2021

Emotions outweigh information

Emotions outweigh information – says Talkwalker in a study on social media trends for 2021 – and what better way to create emotional customer connections through social networks? ( ... )

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JANUARY 1 2021

Embrace the new year

Last year, we at Apollo kept a list of all the beautiful things that we lived through with you, our clients, partners and us, colleagues. ( ... )

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DECEMBER 18 2020

Even better!

Let us take an optimistic look at this crisis which is an accelerator for the digitalization of events. Companies are reinventing themselves and transforming their physical encounters into digital events to maintain an essential relation with their customers. ( ... )

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NOVEMBER 20 2020

Can anyone help this man?

Sometimes crisis communication advice is useless…says the crisis communication expert!? Now you’re wondering whether we as Apollo experts surrendered ( ... )

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NOVEMBER 17 2020

Communication advice from Pascale Kauffman / Paperjam magazine - November 2020

Discover in Paperjam Magazine - November 2020, Pascal Kauffman's advice which highlights the essential transformations to be considered in order to get off to a good start and ensure the long term success of your company.

"A communication strategy that reinforces the resilience of an organization is based on the awareness, identification, analysis of the organizational change internally and the outside world". ( ... )

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MAY 15 2020

A new interview available about the strategy post-COVID-19!

"Communication tips and insights” by Apollo Strategists is a series of Interviews where we ask Pascale Kauffman, founder and Manager of Apollo Strategists, for tips and insights in the field of Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Public Affairs and Crisis Management.

Discover our second interview that will give you tips on how to build a strategy post-COVID-19 for your company ( ... )

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MAY 2 2020

Discover the full version of our webinar on Communication Post-COVID19: Strategy & Tools

You did not have the chance to join us for our webinar on Communication Post-COVID19: Strategy & Tools ? We give you the opportunity to watch the replay! ( ... )

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APRIL 23 2020

Adada: Manifesto with Pascale Kauffman about the importance for advertisers to keep communicating. (Only available in French)

For the past two weeks, companies have been focusing on themselves, going through the hard times of organizing home office, family leave, submitting their support requests, and much more. While maintaining and expressing the deep empathy we have for our loved ones, customers and partners, it is now time to look ahead, make good use of the time during the lockdown and prepare companies for the recovery. ( ... )

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APRIL 21 2020

Our experts are on Youtube!

Our new Youtube channel is available!
Discover our first interview that will give you tips on effective crisis preparation ( ... )

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APRIL 16 2020

Discover the full version of our webinar on crisis communication (only in French)

You did not have the chance to join us for our webinar on crisis communication? We give you the opportunity to watch the replay! ( ... )

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APRIL 1 2020

Summary of the webinar about crisis communication given by Pascale Kauffman on Paperjam.lu

The current containment shows us that every company must be prepared for crisis communication. It must be prepared down to the smallest details without leaving nothing to chance, explained Pascale Kauffman, during the Paperjam Club's first webinar. ( ... )

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MARCH 31 2020

Interview with Pascale Kauffman through an analysis of the ministers' speeches on Paperjam.lu

There was hardly a day since the start of the health crisis without a minister speaking to give an update on the situation.
In an interview published on Paperjam.lu, Pascale Kauffman, Managing Director of Apollo Strategists ( ... )

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MARCH 30 2020

Webinar on crisis communication (only in French)

Book March 31st in your agenda!
During this period, crisis communication becomes central. Difficult to set up and complicated to manage? ( ... )

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MARCH 27 2020

Question & thought of the day

What attitude to adopt towards the media today? ( ... )

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MARCH 23 2020

Interview with Pascale Kauffman on the rules of crisis communication on wort.lu

How do the authorities inform about this health crisis?
In an interview published on wort.lu, Pascale Kauffman, Managing Director of Apollo Strategists ( ... )

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DECEMBER 12 2019

A penny for your thought- 5G arriving in Luxembourg

In the late 90ies, beginning of the new century every European Telco conference featured at least one panel with experts discussing the digital gap or digital divide: the uneven distribution ( ... )

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OCTOBER 8 2019

In a race for a more sustainable world, how much does fear and glory drive the development of space technology?

Quite a lot we think. It’s important to bear in mind that the Space Age was a kind of perfect storm of conditions: incredible technological achievements at hand after WWII, convenient arch-enemies, head of States who needed a “win” ( ... )

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MAY 3 2019

The Chicken and the Egg- press freedom in commercial media

Hats off to Norway ranking first in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The report states that ( ... )

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MARCH 1 2019

Communication is a science

an interview with Pascale Kauffman, Managing Director of Apollo Strategists. Pascale Kauffman shares her view on strategic communications, crisis communication and her role as mentor and discusses her many influences and sources of inspiration. ( ... )

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JUNE 13 2018


Freespace, -which happens to be the title of this year’s Biennale of Architecture in Venice, which we loved and highly recommend to visit - stands for achievements but for some unfortunate challenges these days in Luxembourg as well ( ... )

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APRIL 27 2018

DAX 30 companies increasingly sharing annual results on social media

For the second year in a row, FTI Consulting examined how Germany’s DAX 30 companies used social media to publicize their financial results for the 2017 fiscal year ( ... )

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MARCH 1 2018

Space here, space there, space everywhere!

Don’t promise the moon! Luxembourg is in space fever and it is right to be so. While leafing through the latest edition of business magazines ( ... )

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JANUARY 18 2018

Reputation triggers early redemption

IT group Rcarré (Rgroupe) accelerates the process of buying the remaining 45% of its support PFS and changes its brand- not only, but also- for reputation purposes ( ... )

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JANUARY 8 2018

Get your communication strategy implemented in Q1!

As Luxembourg prepares for general elections in October, reaching business scopes in the first half of 2018 will be key. Luxembourg’s business slowly ( ... )

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