Apollo Strategists is an independent Luxembourg PR advisory company specialized in strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations, reputation management and public & government affairs.

Areas of expertise.

Crisis Solution Support

We at Apollo strongly believe in opportunities that crisis and change provide. Due to this unprecedented situation, we want to stay positive and seize opportunities. We put in place a few solutions to better help you cope with the current conditions but also – and we feel strongly about this- to take advantage of our common time to help you innovate, change and create new leadership.

What attitude to adopt towards the media today?

Continue to take a proactive approach with journalists during the crisis and beyond. Stay open to their questions. Your product, service or company must contribute to the country's economy. It is your job to reveal what is innovative in your approach, how you are preparing for this change that is happening at breakneck speed.

Thought of the day
Your communication messages must be directed towards the future. With the support that the Luxembourg government is offering to companies, we have the opportunity to emerge from this crisis under favourable conditions. Now is the time to position yourself!

For imminent crisis communication support send your questions to crisis@apollo.lu and get immediate support from our team.

Strategic Communications

Apollo Strategists analyse business strategies, flag opportunities, building sites and threats, elaborate solutions and develop company communications strategies.
  • We orchestrate workshops with C-level
  • Coordinate surveys
  • Analyse and summarize the respective results
  • Conclude on effectiveness, provide strategic communication solutions and keep track on business issues related to it
  • Provide knowledge papers allowing to position the company where its expertise is
  • Pave the way for and coordinate operational communications
Apollo strategists take over the position of head of communication in the organisation (either in the companies or from our headquarters) on an hourly/ daily basis per week/ month and provide their clients with PEACE of MIND,
  • We help structure and reorganize communication teams and their work. We support them in their strategic decisions and/or operational work
  • We provide meaningful and valuable advice to both C-level management and communication teams, coach them and provide them with sustainable solutions and good practice.
On a daily basis we help clients with corporate positioning, i.e. distilling the key features of their business in a clear and concise message enabling the clients to communicate their business and interests to the key stakeholders in line with the overall business strategy. A prerequisite for delivering this service is that we understand the core of the clients’ business and are able to connect the corporate story in a memorable way. contact us now.

Crisis Management

Every company is exposed to third party or direct crisis which may have different kind of impacts on companies’ reputations or might put at risk the companies’ business and staff. Our experience shows that most crisis situations can be avoided by strengthening the company’s ability to discover issues before they happen and thereby optimize crisis management. What really matters is how the crisis is handled, and not least how business is able to proceed...

Apollo Strategists has a second-to-none experience in crisis communications. We advise the management so they can stay on course and make the right choices in the midst of an intense media crisis or calamity. We are available 24 hours a day, and with a very short notice, which can be crucial. In close cooperation with the organization, we develop an issues management system that fits specific issues.

When crisis hits, we are very often the only communication contact point to the outside world, in order to provide the companies with enough air to take care of the problem itself.
  • Apollo sets up communication crisis schemes for potential crisis which might have an effect on companies or, for already known issues, which might arise. When the crisis hits, we are present to coordinate, take over and drive the ship.
  • We also step in as fire(wo)men and are available on a 24h/7d basis for clients whether they have an emergency plan or not.

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Media Relations

A company’s reputation must be nurtured and maintained and for that purpose there is a need to establish and maintaining good working relationship with key media and journalists. Before we decide which media relations should be prioritized and engaged, we analyse the situation and on that basis give a strategic recommendation.

The effectiveness of management depends to a large extent on the ability and willingness to communicate and translate the strategy. However, the talent to communicate does not necessarily come by itself. We work systematically with management in a personal and confidential environment. Media and message training is one of the tools we use when we need to strengths the leader in communicating both internally and with stakeholders and media.

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Public and Government Affairs

We assist companies so they are able to engage policy makers as we are convinced that a company with a head start has an edge compared to a competitor. We advise them on how their agenda should be communicated. We have the knowledge and experience to analyse and plan a Luxembourgish public affairs process, typically involving politicians, civil service, NGOs, media, etc.
We provide our existing clients with editorial content, assure their networking with other clients, share update knowledge on the local political, administrative and organisational business reality; provide access to business circles and political stakeholders and
  • Take care of media relations: we provide access to our rich journalist database in the financial, economic, industrial, cultural and aviation sector throughout Luxembourg and Belgium
  • We are part of a financial strategic communications network and its international spectrum
  • We provide an alternative to press clipping services with our value “media briefing “ product:
    • monitoring of client specific key topics worldwide
    • monitoring of competitors
    • featuring thought leadership content

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