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MARCH 23 2022

10 years for Apollo Strategists - The tree hiding the forest … and the stars

The art of communication has become a precious intangible asset. A strong-impact strategic stake, where the reputation of an enterprise gets exposed in a jungle of hyper-communication. Information flows and fluctuates, rendering a brand image increasingly fluid. This is the challenge that Pascale Kauffman chose to take up 10 years ago by launching Apollo Strategists. It was above all the opportunity to encourage local businesses to keep control and elevate themselves to look further ahead, favoring by the same token the development of the Luxembourg economical fabric.

Having come a long way these past 10 years, serving in multiple sectors, tending small and large companies and institutions, both locals and from elsewhere. Continuously on the job to contribute towards protecting activities and others’ jobs, defending interests and causes, enabling developments and connections. Always serving the same sacred mission: to recognize the tree hiding the forest, so to help better break through, flourish, anticipate, and if necessary, protect oneself.

With our heads in the stars to detect what is sometimes not so visible. Always with a determination profoundly rooted in our reality. Orbiting for our clients to provide them with that elevated view of a global situation, over the top of obstacles, preconceptions, or pretenses.

Strategic communication consulting is about scrutinizing and anticipating the future, feeding on the lessons from the past, solidly anchored in the sharing of the present. Apollo Strategists applies this recipe to itself by choosing ambitious, empathetic, and useful future goals. The team of advisors has grown and is ready to go for the next Apollo mission of the 10 years to come: to expand our services and their scope, always with the same personalized quality of service, within a range of a broadened support and a constellation of complementary skills.

10 years, past and to come, through 10 topics that we would like share with you, amongst which examples of successful interventions, touching human stories, singular testimonies, lessons preciously harvested, not to forget the involvement of a team of passionate and devoted experts, always on deck to scan the horizons.

The moment has come to look outside our familiar Milky Way, to penetrate more deeply into this media forest that will undergo tectonic digital mutations over the next 10 years, to integrate internationally, to accompany ever more, to guide clients in new explorations, to protect those who are exposed, to support those who want to progress, to inspire those who want to lead and lift forward. Implementing strategies with empathy, which are oriented towards the exterior world of course, and also towards the inside of an entity, because there is a change of paradigm in company management, as there is in their relationships with their teams, their partners, their clients, authorities, and the outside world.

Having practiced the art of identifying the tree that hides the forest, to help our clients become key business players and reference experts in their industries, it is now time to explore beyond and look to the stars. To extensively cultivate these new tools allowing to engage one’s teams and audiences in meaningful, just and effective ways, so to contribute to a better connected and more aligned world, a future based on common sense and mutual understanding.

Apollo Strategists reporting, ready for ignition, on its way to ascend and escort these valiant explorers towards new Pleiades. Godspeed…


Apollo Strategists is an independent Luxembourg-based PR consultancy firm, specializing in strategic communication, public and government affairs, crisis communication, media relations, reputation management, as well as harmonious leadership and business development, distinctive market intelligence and positioning, internal and external corporate storytelling, including media coaching, crisis management training, workshops in leadership, vision and mission statements.

[author: Pascal Wiscour-Conter]