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MARCH 23 2021

365 days ago…

… we continue to wonder what ducks do during the winter. How do they survive? Where is their shelter?

Lesson 2 : effective communication nurtures RESILIENCE

For the first 3 months over the past 15 months companies have been focusing on themselves, going through the hard times of organising teleworking, family leave, submitting their support requests, and much more. While maintaining and expressing the deep empathy we have for our loved ones, customers and partners, we quickly needed to look ahead, make good use of the time of (half) containment and prepare ourselves for the (what we hope for) recovery. Of course, what you don't want to do is be seen as profiting from a crisis or using it as a way to boost sales. Companies need to ensure that their tone fits the current climate without being flippant or disrespectful.

Yet the main objective for companies must remain resilience - the ability to survive and energize the business through unpredictable, changing and potentially adverse events. Businesses and organizations must take advantage of the time of inertia and communicate actively

By continuous communication you show your resilience and demonstrate your ability by engaging with stakeholders to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships with partners, suppliers, employees and demonstrate empathy with society. What FOR?

To protect your brand, values, and reputation, demonstrate control of the situation, reduce legal and/or societal consequences, ensure business continuity!

Stay tuned -more lessons to come.

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