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MARCH 18 2021

365 days before...

365 days before… … we thought that the day after tomorrow would be better than the day before yesterday. We thought that we were asked to hold our horses for some weeks and that the race would start again, soon! We were wrong and no-one’s to be blamed for it.
Yet in communication we learned our lessons and there is no excuse- anymore- not to be prepared.

Do you have a strategy prepared? Your budgets reviewed; your stories revamped? You certainly do and if not, let’s get over the copy again, let’s see what we learned over the last 365 days!

Lesson 1 : continue to communicate… against all odds!

The explosion of digital communication channels and the consequent democratization of information has dramatically changed the way companies interact with their stakeholders. 140 characters of Twitter can change the state of your business. If YOU don't tell your story, someone else will instead. Communication is essential, and if you ignore it, you do so at your own risk.

Stay tuned -more lessons to come.

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