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AUGUST 3 2021

A (somewhat different) conversation with Nathalie, a student who worked at Apollo this summer!

In order for you to introduce yourself, what TV character do you think would fit you best?

Nice question! I think that I identify a lot with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. We both are very loyal, logical, and a bit nerdy. I also think that I am a lot like Monica Geller from Friends, although she is not my favourite character from Friends. But we are both very orderly and mature.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what animal would you be and why?

I think that would be the wolf. A wolf is smart and strong, it knows its capacities but still is super competitive. My family and friends are very important to me, which to me is equal to the pack of the wolf. I think that the support gained from a close-knitted group really makes you more confident and thus more successful.

What is your one ‘superpower’ that makes you stand out from others?

My superpower is definitely my dedication. Once I get my mind set on something I follow through with it until I’m happy with the results. I will not stop before I get to that point. And maybe my hight. I’m 1,76m, which is not that tall in my opinion. Still, it literally makes me stand out from most of my friends and allows me to have a clear sight of things.

Now, coming more towards Apollo, what life experience led you to know that you want to do this kind of work?

Since the first year of high school, I was permanently confronted with the question: What do you want to do in your life? After wanting to be an environmental activist, working for WWF, I wanted to be a journalist for a very long time. After internships, I realized it was not what I really wanted to be and then in 2019 I made an internship at Apollo, which fixed my decision to study Communication and Media at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Interesting, so why did you choose this internship at Apollo?

I chose the internship the first time, as I wanted to find out what I could study besides journalism and marketing. It was even better than I expected, as there are a lot of strategic elements implied that I was not aware of in the first place. That is also why I asked to come back a second time.

Coming to the last question now: Where do you see yourself/Apollo in 10 years?

That’s a very hard question. You know what? I could actually see myself working for Apollo in 10 years as it is a job with many, many different challenges and with very interesting clients in super diverse sectors. I think in 10 years from now Apollo will have expanded their services and will continue to be successful as it is now. But who knows what’s going to happen? Through Covid I was reminded that planning the future can be very hard, but this is a future I like to imagine. Thank you for the interview!