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NOVEMBER 15 2022

Art and communication: the best of both worlds

Art is based on creativity, while a company is based on strategy; the purpose of art is to entertain, while a company is anchored in reality. Nevertheless, they both share some qualities. The worlds of art and communication converge, draw from each other, convey a message and seek dialogue. An example of these points of convergence is the Luxembourg Art Week, which celebrated its 8th edition last week with a diversified programme of contemporary art at the Square du Glacis in Luxembourg City.

The art of strategy

Every work of art has a hidden message, and it offers an experience to the audience by playing with emotions and engagement. The role of communications is to inform, deliver a message, engage in dialogue, whether that is with one’s collaborators, or clients or prospective customers.

Also a powerful communication tool, art is a strategic issue because it is accessible to the greatest number of people and it also surpasses language barriers. Art is a form of communication that enables the creation of a memorable image to communicate a company and its values, and it has the power to produce a brand that is unique and easily recognizable for the targeted audience.

Companies nowadays associate art to their communication strategy to improve their brand image and make it more authentic. Using art enables companies to appeal to the consumer. In business, art takes many forms. Companies sponsor a work of art or invest in art collections to demonstrate their uniqueness and credibility - in addition to their real monetary power. Companies may also associate themselves with artists, especially to highlight common values. VNX recently presented their NFT collection dedicated to the launch of VNX Gold – a token linked to physical gold -, which was created in collaboration with the modern Korean artist Dr. Ha.

The role of digital in art is growing and Luxembourg's annual contemporary art event understood this when it turned to the future for this 2022 edition by mixing "traditional" artworks and NFT to explore the new digital art scene.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño