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NOVEMBER 20 2020

Can anyone help this man?

Sometimes crisis communication advice is useless…says the crisis communication expert!? Now you’re wondering whether we as Apollo experts surrendered. No, we don’t and we won’t! But there are moments where you just look at a situation and you wonder whether auto destruction is not enough. Savour these lines, FT published this morning in an article signed by Kadhim Shubber (…) “Mr Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, threatened additional legal action at a press conference in Washington, where he also made unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud, mopping sweat from his brow while what appeared to be hair dye trickled down his face.” So Mr. Giuliani was sweating, we acknowledge that this is human, but not a good sign when you stand in front of the critical eyes of the country’s opinion makers which fortunately gain trust again. But then for the coup de grace, Shubber describes this little detail which makes the whole difference: Mr. Giuliani dyed his hair (fair enough), much to the sitting President’s – late- habits, but it looks like this was hastily and amateurishly done. In this small part of the sentence, Shubber demonstrates what “fake” really means, translates the hopelessness of the endeavour and destroys the credibility of the man in just 10 words. This said, we call for your ideas as to how this threat could be turned into an opportunity. We suggest: a new hair dresser…and probably a communication curfew.