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OCTOBER 4 2023

Does choosing mean giving up?

Only a few days to go until the 2023 Luxembourg general elections, and with them a series of crucial political issues for the country. Is the coalition in power since 2013, made up of the DP, LSAP and déi gréng, about to continue its three-way journey? Nothing is certain.

The Democratic Party (DP), headed by the outgoing Prime Minister, will have to put up a good show, as will the LSAP, whose Health Minister, Paulette Lenert, enjoys great popularity. As for Déi Gréng, which is struggling in the polls, their ability to renew a gambia coalition will depend on their electoral performance.

Another question mark concerns the CSV, the conservative party. After years in opposition, the CSV is attempting a comeback in 2023 with Luc Frieden at the top of its list. Will they be able to convince voters of their youth and dynamism? A two-party coalition seems preferable, but the competition is fierce.

Of all the parties in the running, déi gréng appears to be the most vulnerable, having lost seats in the municipal elections. The CSV, if relegated to opposition, could also suffer serious consequences for its political future.

The small parties, though numerous, will find it difficult to carry any weight. The real players in Luxembourg politics remain the DP, LSAP, déi gréng and CSV.

With twelve parties competing, there is a risk that votes will be scattered, which could influence the balance of power in the Chamber of Deputies. The composition of the coalition will depend on the compromises to be found in the future coalition agreement.

The LSAP could aspire to the post of Prime Minister, which would be a first for the party, with Paulette Lenert at the head of the list, who would thus become the first woman Prime Minister in Luxembourg. However, this would require a solid electoral result and a favourable position in relation to the DP.

Finally, the pirate party, which already caused a surprise in 2018, could disrupt the political landscape once again. Frank Engel's Fokus party is also one to watch. The ADR, Déi Lénk and Piraten parties have the potential to influence the formation of the government.

So, to choose is to give up, but above all it is to move forward and progress. It's a constructive, positive, committed renunciation, leading to a conscious and enlightened choice. Every vote is a declaration of intent, a step towards a desired future. Making an informed choice means shaping the path that Luxembourg will take, as we impatiently await the composition of its next government and the challenges that lie ahead.

Author : Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño