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JULY 20 2022

Communication rhymes with anticipation

Crises often trigger a wave of panic among companies that are afraid of being not prepared enough to weather the storm. A crisis, when well-managed, creates a real opportunity for the company which can prepare its structure for the future. Crises reshuffle the cards, they upset just as much as they open up new fields to explore. A company that manages to get through a crisis is one that seized the opportunity to identify new growth levers and adapt the structure of their organization in order to build for the future.

A company faced with a crisis must act as quickly as possible to prevent the effects from a negative only mindset. Its reputation is at stake. Apollo supports companies to strengthen their credibility, inform their customers, employees and suppliers. Communication rhymes with anticipation. A prepared company does not act in haste but follows a communication plan established in advance.

If you want to venture to read the article in French, please find on the link below a revisited version of ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant’, to better understand the importance of anticipation in communication.


Author: Jennifer Pierrard