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Companies don't do each other any favours

The festive season, synonym of excitement for customers and companies, has already begun. A time when companies are in a frenzy and launching bold and creative ideas to shine as brightly as the most beautiful ball on the tree. It’s an ideal time for companies to be thinking ahead with their business and marketing strategies. Brands, which communicate using symbols such as family, pleasure, gifts, meals or even enchantment, must deploy a multi-channel strategy to reach the largest possible target. Digital allows you to communicate, sell, but above all, to create lasting individual relationships with the client, which go beyond the mere act of buying something. To win the hearts of your visitors, you need to focus on your digital strategy, which is developed in advance as part of an effective and targeted communication strategy. And if communication during the festive period lends itself more to certain sectors of activity such as hospitality, jewelry, interior decorating, or any other product that can be afforded, it is important for any type of company to remain active to stand out from the competition. So, which business will shine the brightest this year?

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño