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MAY 23 2023

Double vote, major stakes: communication and reputation during the election period in Luxembourg

The political scene in Luxembourg is in turmoil, shaped by the upcoming double election in 2023. As the countdown to the local elections begins, companies need to take a strategic and proactive approach to managing their reputation, based on a thorough understanding of the evolving market issues. This political agenda offers companies a unique opportunity to strengthen their positioning and influence, and to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

While Luxembourgers express significant confidence in their leaders (71% of Luxembourgers say they trust their leaders) - according to the Standard 98 Eurobarometer survey carried out at the request of the European Commission between January and February 2023 - it will be up to Luxembourg citizens at the polls to define the politicians who will implement the key priorities for the future of the communes and the country. Despite some key concerns that remain, such as housing, price rises, inflation and the cost of living, the majority of Eurobarometer participants consider the general situation in Luxembourg to be good, both nationally and personally, particularly from a financial and economic point of view.

In this crucial period, strategic communication and public affairs play an essential role for the success of organisations that need to adapt to societal issues and make their messages and actions resonate with the public and thus demonstrate their understanding of the challenges facing the country. By shaping a positive image, influencing public debate and anticipating change, strategic communication and public affairs strengthen the positioning, visibility and credibility of Luxembourg companies. Targeted and transparent communication, based on a thorough understanding of market challenges, will enable the company to proactively manage its communication and reputation issues, thereby building trust and establishing strong relationships with stakeholders.

Social networks as a reflection of public opinion: opportunities for companies

The race for seats is intense and is now also evolving on social media. Paperjam's figures in February indicated a growing investment in digital marketing by Luxembourg's political parties, allocating up to 50% of their communication budget to it. Just as political parties show great adaptability, companies need to understand these dynamics and engage in appropriate communication strategies. The use of digital tools and platforms will allow companies to manage and consolidate their reputation and strengthen their positioning and influence. Social networks, often seen as the thermometers of public opinion, offer an opportunity to connect directly with their audiences and actively participate in discussions on societal issues, while remaining authentic and offering relevant solutions.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño