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JANUARY 29 2021

Emotions outweigh information

Emotions outweigh information – says Talkwalker in a study on social media trends for 2021 – and what better way to create emotional customer connections through social networks?

Bringing corporate values to life through communication is a major challenge for companies today. Products fall back into second place. Because if businesses change, so do consumers – both in the B2B and B2C sectors. At the end of 2020, Statec (Luxembourg National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) already underlined the fact that the lockdown and the health crisis changed the habits of Internet users and that Luxembourgers never surfed the web that much before. Eurostat even positioned Luxembourg as the 3rd most connected European country. Social networks allow us to connect with our customers, to be transparent, to inform, and to enrich our community with relevant information in order to create long-term relationships. To be authentic, we should create emotional connections, stay close to our customers in order to establish a bond of trust: that’s what is at stake for communications in 2021.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard