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DECEMBER 18 2020

Even better!

Let us take an optimistic look at this crisis which is an accelerator for the digitalization of events. Companies are reinventing themselves and transforming their physical encounters into digital events to maintain an essential relation with their customers. The Paperjam Top 100 ceremony was no exception to the rule and went digital to offer participants the opportunity to attend the long-awaited awards for Luxembourg leaders. A digital event allows to welcome more visitors than a physical event does, and also makes it possible to reach a larger foreign audience. Digitalization goes along with adaptation, the event must be more synthetic, transform speeches into more concise speaking times and deliver the most impactful message possible. Metamorphosing an event also gives it an interactive dimension. You have to find the right rhythm and make sure you maintain the attention of the public, which is more volatile in comparison to on-site events. Maybe it will become important for companies to include in their budget a mix between physical and digital events? And for the pessimists… the glass is therefore half full!

Pascale Kauffman, Managing Director Apollo Strategists (4th from left), was member of the Paperjam Top100 2020 jury.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard