Apollo Strategists is an independent Luxembourg PR advisory company specialized in strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations, reputation management and public & government affairs.

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APRIL 26 2022

That’s one (not so) small step for communications… one giant leap for the entrepreneur!

While the desire to be entrepreneurial had been tickling her for some years, her husband regularly reminded her to put this seemingly slumbering dream into action. After all, it's true -why wait? Pascale Kauffman had a clear understanding of the market's needs, so all that was needed was to get started. She is then on vacation with friends who have also just set up their own company. They challenge her, ask her the right questions. The company begins to take shape.

With an ear to the ground for the Luxembourg economy and its players through her position as Head of Communications at the City of Luxembourg, she believes it is necessary to fill the gap left by the absence of a communications strategy advisory firm in Luxembourg. Passionate about strategic communications and public relations, she wants to propel companies and organizations, help them develop their business and stimulate the Luxembourg economy.

She still needed a name though. Starting her career at SES, world's leading satellite telecommunications network provider, it is no coincidence that the entrepreneur took an interest in the space sector and named her company Apollo.

She then founded Apollo Strategists, which specializes in strategic communication, media relations and public affairs, but also and above all in crisis communication. Because crisis communication is Pascale's great passion.

Houston, we have a problem

Companies encountering crises? That is quite common… As a company, one is exposed to a great amount of risks. These include crises, which are by definition unpredictable; it is therefore necessary to prepare for it so as not to jeopardize the stability of the organization. Apollo's mission is to help companies and organizations get through stormy times and supports them in their day-to-day management.

Apollo Strategists is now 10 years of experience. A journey filled with beautiful stories, anecdotes, but also pitfalls... Stay connected!

Author: Jennifer Pierrard