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Colour to liven up business attire

In the October issue of Paperjam, Pascale Kauffman talks about her signature style and the role colour plays in brightening up the wardrobe.


With a touch of colour…

Pascale Kauffman is founder and director of the communication strategy agency Apollo Strategists. When putting together her outfits, she doesn't hesitate to take the time to carefully choose the clothes that go into them. "I actually have a very thoughtful style," explains Pascale Kauffman. "I like to wear colour, but always one at a time, and on a well-balanced, neutral base, whether it's white, beige or black. For her, colour enhances an outfit. She uses it as a highlight to brighten up the outfit. "I also often extend this touch of colour with an accessory, such as a pair of earrings or a pair of shoes," she says. Among her favourite materials, Pascale Kauffman admits to having a weakness for vinyl, "a very shiny material that is also very soft to wear", as well as for silky materials for tops. As for colours, she has no hesitation in choosing bright red, coral and light petrol blue. This taste for dressing well is certainly inherited from her parents who, even today, at more than 80 years of age, continue to dress themselves. For Pascale Kauffman, dressing well is also a question of respect, "above all for oneself, but also for others. Choosing your clothes and outfits is also a way of expressing your personality, while always adapting to the people or places you have to deal with during the day.

Pascale Kauffman is also a member of the board of Maison Moderne.



Paperjam – Octobre 2021