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JANUARY 8 2018

Get your communication strategy implemented in Q1!

As Luxembourg prepares for general elections in October, reaching business scopes in the first half of 2018 will be key. Luxembourg’s business slowly revs up to the new year, our children crammer school again, while most of the Grand-Duchy’s neighbour countries are still on vacation. Political parties will start to orbit around co-campaigners in order to make up potential allies- although with great caution, like tiptoeing barefoot in the morning mist, discreetly scrutinizing opponent parties’ intentions. Discreet political debates are organized by media, as political leaders clearly position their intentions via New Year wishes. Of course, we are still far from entering the hot positioning phase political parties will embrace in August while others head for summer vacation, and it’s true that we don’t think yet about September which will trigger the final spurt with the ruthless but hopefully fair, election campaign. Nevertheless…think about getting your communication strategy ready now, for roll-out during the next weeks. The first six months of the parliamentary elections year 2018 will offer key positioning opportunities as the Government will energize the market.