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For economic decision makers, because they are more and more exposed on the media, they must build their own path in the media jungle – be it CEOs, senior managers, or politicians – which is why they are receiving training or support on their communication approach for them to know, understand and adopt the media codes, express an idea, speak in public and interact with news outlets. They do what they call “media training” to learn how to convey their message, find the right attitudes, the right expressions, always while staying authentic, with transparent words and deeds.

Understanding the journalist’s job and its challenges in order to build a relationship of trust

A crucial challenge for today’s leaders, good communication must be learned. Be it at an interview or a press conference, the leader is an authoritative figure. He is the expert of a company, the ambassador of an organization, and he doesn’t speak for himself but on behalf of a firm, an institution, a function… Whether a company finds itself in a context of crisis, in a “normal” situation, or whether its leader must make an unprecedented statement or reiterate a key message, media training means helping to adopt the right reflexes, an appropriate behaviour in front of the camera, by testing reactions and identifying any signs of stage fright. The mission of the PR expert is to make the business leader understand the journalist’s job and the challenges that come with it, in order for them to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Journalists have several roles: they inform, testify, explain, analyse, and shed light on a current event. They need detailed information to let the readers form their own opinions.

A few pieces of advice:

- Prepare a story with a 360° adaptability – no jargon, anglicisms or technical words – so it can be understood by as many people as possible.

- Be clear and authentic in order to be credible, even when credibility is lost in times of crisis.

- Adopt a personal discourse that reflects your business’ DNA.

- Provide complete and quality information to journalists to enable them to do their job: inform their audiences to help them form their own opinions.

Apollo Strategists helps you to understand the challenges of the media and to be an ethical, informed and forthright spokesperson: http://www.apollo.lu/en//trainings/media-training

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño