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MAY 30 2023

Luxembourg, a multicultural crossroads and cradle of opportunity with cosmopolitan communication

Luxembourg, this small, dynamic country, is experiencing a demographic boom, bringing with it new opportunities in terms of communication. Dive into the heart of a country where cultures mix, opportunities flourish and communication takes on a multicultural dimension. Focus on the key figures in the new STATEC report and the opportunities they bring for businesses.

Imagine a country where 47.2% of the population is made up of foreign nationals. Luxembourg is becoming a veritable cosmopolitan melting pot, a fertile ground where cultures meet and opportunities abound. This growing cultural diversity paves the way for strategic partnerships with international players and enriching intercultural exchanges, broadening our vision and understanding of the world. Welcome to a country where accents from the four corners of the globe mingle, creating a true cultural symphony that expresses itself in every field.

Cultural diversity, a strength for Luxembourg companies

And did you know that 18% of Luxembourgers have a second nationality? Here, open-mindedness and tolerance are the keys to success. By embracing this diversity, companies strengthen their ability to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences, taking into account their specific needs, values and cultures - a real asset when it comes to conquering new markets and developing fruitful relationships.

Now, guess which foreign nationality tops the list in Luxembourg? The Portuguese! 14.5% of the total population have found a second home here. A true gateway to the world, Luxembourg has seen its foreign population increase by almost 38% since the 2011 census. With 180 different nationalities, diversity and international cooperation are celebrated every day at this international crossroads. Luxembourg is becoming one of the favourite destinations for international entrepreneurs, and ranks 13th among the best cities in which to invest according to the Brand Finance City Index 2023.

As for Luxembourgers, guardians of tradition and values, although their numbers are growing at a slower rate than that of the foreign population, they have increased by 16.5% since 2011, with 50.7% of the population represented by native Luxembourgers. This underlines the importance of understanding and responding to the needs and expectations of our local audience, with a focus on authentic and relevant communication.

In terms of age distribution, the foreign population is better represented than the Luxembourg population in the 25 to 54 age bracket, underlining the fact that immigration to Luxembourg is mainly motivated by professional reasons.

By adapting their messages and approaches to reflect this diversity, companies will be able to reach different segments of the Luxembourg and international population. So let's embrace this demographic transformation and exploit its potential for effective, intercultural and inclusive communication.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño