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Making a splash without making noise

Reading everything, listening to everything and seeing everything is impossible in a world where the digitalised and globalised communication space is an information jungle. However, having the right information remains a necessity for companies to communicate, just as they need to know what is being said about them in the media and have information on developments in their sector.

Communicating to exist

A company that doesn’t communicate or that doesn’t communicate effectively, is a company that leaves room for competition or takes the risk of having its reputation tarnished without being able to react. In order to exist, a company must communicate; in order to be known, it must make itself understood. But even though the company is looking to make a splash, what it should avoid it’s to make noise.

To communicate, yes but done well. In order to establish trust between a company and its diverse publics and to improve its visibility, the company must communicate about its history, idea or product, within the framework of a public relations strategy. And companies have every interest in communicating relevant, targeted, accurate and authentic information, as journalists – both Luxembourgish and international – seek to generate real added value for their audience.

Media monitoring, a strategic competitive advantage

Every minute, 360.000 tweets are shared (1), more than 500 hours of content are posted on Youtube (2), and 212.5 million emails are sent (3) around the world. In order not to be invisible in this informational jungle and to understand their image, observe their competitors, perceive the specific needs and developments of their markets, companies must be proactive and pay attention to the media (press, radio, TV, web, advertising and social media).

Media monitoring, an unavoidable part of any business communication strategy, is a driving force for competitiveness that keeps you informed in a relevant and continuous way. It grants you the means to implement a public relations strategy that conveys the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Does your target know about your brand? How do they perceive it? Media monitoring allows you to take action to correct any misunderstandings about your company.

To help you find your way through the information supermarket that is the web, Apollo Strategists advises you on how to generate valuable information and uses powerful monitoring tools such as Talkwalker or Kantar to keep only the essential.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño

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