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JANUARY 17 2024

Once upon a time, there was storytelling in 2024

In 2024, storytelling is reinventing itself, transforming public relations with new perspectives and opportunities, reflecting the rapid changes in the way we communicate and interact with our audiences.

Personalised by AI and data analysis, it enables companies to specifically target their audience with tailor-made stories. New platforms and social media offer unprecedented opportunities, forcing companies to share authentic and transparent stories with an increasingly demanding audience.

A machine to craft stories, storytelling aims to inspire

Storytelling, the art of sharing information concisely and emotionally, celebrates our humanity by including characters, conflicts and resolutions. It starts with two key questions: "Who are you telling this story for? and "Why does this story matter? Whether you're trying to entertain, amaze, educate or inspire, it's all about knowing your audience. The introduction to a story can range from the traditional "Once upon a time" to a hard-hitting statistic about your industry. There's no magic formula, but a constant one: a short, captivating story that's easy to convey to your target audience.

In the professional world, storytelling uses vivid images and human experiences. Its objective? To captivate and enable your audience to relate tp the main character. But why do we tell stories? Because they form the basis of our communication, acting as a bridge to connect with publics, reshape narratives, change perceptions and inspire meaningful memories. Above all, storytelling builds trust, which is essential for effective public relations. Remember, information is just data, but storytelling is the art of communication.

Author : Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño