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MARCH 23 2023

Overcoming the storm with crisis communication

Weather, like crises, is unpredictable and can affect a company significantly. Strong winds of criticism or torrential downpours of discontent can cause significant damage to the reputation of a company or organization. When it is not of natural origin (storm, flood, etc.), the crisis may be technological (technological crash, cyber-attack, etc.), organizational (withholding of information, etc.), financial or even personnel-related.

It is a bit like a Scottish shower on the company, so strategic decisions must be taken. Crisis communication is essential to inform the public of the measures taken to deal with the situation and to reassure them of what is being done to minimize disruption. Public relations will help organizations to maintain their image and reputation in times of crisis.

But even when conditions appear to be unfavorable, it is important to remember that crises can also provide opportunities to learn and grow as a company. Crises can be transformative moments when companies can find new ways to adapt and succeed.

After a crisis, companies may experience a temporary upturn, but to ensure that it is not just “passing”, it is important to remain vigilant and prepared for the difficult conditions that may arise, by putting in place effective communication strategies.

Weather is difficult to predict, as is crisis, but with proper preparation and transparent, proactive and effective communication, businesses can safely navigate through the most challenging conditions. On this World Meteorological Day, we hope that these forecasts will help you better understand the importance of crisis communication and prepare you for any upcoming storms.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño