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JANUARY 18 2018

Reputation triggers early redemption

When Rgroupe bought a majority share in Systemat Professional Services 18 months ago, it aimed to go for a total buyout before the end of 2018. As take-overs, integrations and participations are triggering change, as optimisations are an intensive process and consolidations are time consuming, total buy-out dates rather tend to come to their term than being anticipated. However this is exactly what Rgroupe did. The reason to do so is that it simply did not want to be associated with the complex history of the company it took over and let it sway the collective judgement of their boutique IT expertise. What’s more is that they changed its name to Rcube (R cubed) amplifying their existing services from Rcarré (square root) with its SME services to big accounts. We believe that, in terms of reputation management, they did everything right…and we are looking forward to hear more about their interesting journey.