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NOVEMBER 22 2022

Social media trends 2023: a consum'actor that knows what he wants

The main challenge for companies in 2023? Getting to know the customer. That’s what emerges from “Social media trends 2023”, Talkwalker’s eighth annual report, published this year in collaboration with Khoros, a platform dedicated to the engagement with the digital client. The report, which highlights the most prominent trends for social media in 2023, shows that customers are more volatile than ever: less patient, more demanding. How do you listen to these new consumers to create opportunities? How can you interact with them the right way?

Transparency, authenticity and even integrity will become basic conditions in the digital world in the years to come. 2023 will see the beginning of the end of third-party cookies, those cookies – not even the ones you can eat – that help deliver personalized experiences on the Web, but which are likely to worry the consumer for the lack of privacy they imply. This is where social listening comes in, to allow brands to know how consumers feel about them. Social monitoring will also allow companies to detect crisis and misinformation about them in real time, with tools such as the alerts of Talkwalker, which are crucial for companies because, as Murphy’s Law dictates, a crisis never hits at the right time.

Everything, right away

Just as Apollo Strategists will tell you that it is essential for a company to understand its environment, its history, its values, its DNA, its competitors, or its market; Talkwalker will argue that knowing its target is a major issue for brands, which have every interest in getting closer to their consumers and establishing a trusting and long-term relationship with them, to build loyalty. Real communities are being created. And to exchange with these communities, social networks will be the preferred place for companies in 2023, appreciated for their immediacy, where brands will focus on the values, interests and state of mind of customers. Because what these customers demand is speed.

In the face of disinformation, which will continue to grow, consumers increasingly understand the importance of being critical and question videos, articles and pictures they encounter on the web, but they also want to be able to trust the content they are offered. Brands need to be able to protect their community and exclude data from sources that create misinformation. Companies will further personalize their content on social networks, communicate in a targeted way to their community, and offer their own editorial angle and content with a strong added value.

Brands will have to be able to prove through their actions that they care about current issues and that they are taking part in the challenges of sustainability and inclusion. The environment must be integrated not only into corporate communications to assert a company’s position, but also, and more importantly, into the corporate culture, to be authentic and effective in terms of communication and value proposition.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño