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MARCH 1 2018

Space here, space there, space everywhere!

Don’t promise the moon! Luxembourg is in space fever and it is right to be so. While leafing through the latest edition of business magazines, we were looking at more and more advertisers whose messages and image language relate to the space industry. Companies from all kind of industry and service sectors are capitalizing on the Luxembourgish space hype. Some are right to do so, as they plan for specific conferences, related art exhibitions and of course, are from the space industry. Some others blindly follow the trend and by doing so, fail to match the message with the service they provide, miss out on being authentic and consequently forfeit their credibility. Be careful when using images which relate to your childhood dreams. Listen instead to your communication advisor and leave (the) “space” for the SES, Kleos Space, GomSpace, Spire, GovSat and adjacent service providers to the industry …But who says this? An advisory firm for strategic communications named after a space rocket landing on the moon? It’s been more than five years that we at Apollo propel companies (in the space industry as well!), protect them from collateral damage, keep them in orbit. It’s not rocket science- but we do not promise the moon!