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JANUARY 26 2023

Space Oddities XI, beyond art

Imagine the strategic communications advisory company Apollo Strategists, and the American-Luxembourgish artist-photographer Keven Erickson. Two local names, two different universes, which meet through their passion for space and their desire to inspire and engage in dialogue. A collaborative effort that gave birth to Space Oddities XI, an artwork in a limited edition of 11 prints, created especially for the 11th anniversary of Apollo in 2023, a year characterised by resilience.

It is January 2023. Far from the busy streets of Luxembourg City, Pascale and Lou arrive in the picturesque Moselle Valley. The two Apollo strategists headed to Wintrange Castle in a special mission to meet Keven Erickson and his wife, Krystyna Dul, both artist-photographers.

A journey through the Luxembourg vineyards undertaken with the aim of creating a synergy between the artist-photographer and the PR advisory firm, through a work of art, created on the occasion of Apollo's 11th anniversary. One collection in particular by Keven Erickson caught the eye of Apollo's space-minded strategists. Space Oddities.

And so Space Oddities XI was born, from Keven Erickson's unique technique of creating shapes through the fusion of colour and water, to which he adds light, to create something new and exciting, a moving universe.

The name recalls the Apollo 11 mission and reflects the 11 years of Apollo Strategist's achievements in the new year. 2023, a year of resilience where Apollo Strategists will continue to spot the unexpected, to inspire you to discover, to challenge the unknown, to encourage you to always remain receptive, and to support you in developing your experience and your ability to adapt. Just as Apollo continually strives to inspire its clients, Space Oddities is intended to inspire and reflect quality, imagination, and an artist's own observation of the world.

A story to write

So, we could tell you a story, tell you that Space Oddities XI is a coup de coeur and, above all, that it conveys the identity values and aligns with Apollo's approach, which have shaped the firm in the past, anchored it in the present and will lift it for the future. That it represents Apollo's embrace of the future, having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022. That this work emphasises accompanying, that it allows us to speak a universal language, open to everyone. And that we are proud to promote the Luxembourg art scene through this collaboration with Keven Erickson, whose creative know-how illuminates our vision of the world and puts it up for debate, and who stimulates the imagination thanks to an approach that favours open-ended scenarios, to allow everyone to draw their own vision of the world, taking into consideration the societal issues that will mark 2023 and beyond.

Of course, all of the above is true. But the story is yours to create. Apollo Strategists has decided to offer art to be explored, because each person, by contemplating this work of art, will themselves build universes, create imaginations, with a work that is intended to trigger thoughts and to stir discussion. Space Oddities XI engages both reason and emotion, and appeals to many of our senses. All of this is enabled by the richness and strength of form and colour, and by Keven Erickson's unique technique.

Keven Erickson on the artwork created for Apollo Strategists, Space Oddities XI: “Growing up with Star Wars I have always been passionate about sci-fi and anything to do with space. Photographs taken by the Hubble space telescope uncovered worlds unseen before. With this series I am bringing these visions closer, playing on the idea of distant travels and discovering new things. Space Oddities is my visual journey of fantasy and imagination. Let it carry you far away. »

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Lou Weis