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DECEMBER 15 2022

The 2023 company will be resilient, or it won’t be at all

To anticipate in order to understand signals , steer emerging threats, plan and respond to unforeseen difficulties. “Uncertainty is the only certainty”, an unsurprisingly popular maxim in the business world. Companies need to balance change and continuity, and thus find a way to adapt and prepare for a world full of uncertainty.

In a world influenced by successive developments and changes – whether it is explosive growth of one’s business, a downturn in the economy, or the changing needs of the target market – preparation is key to business success. Companies that can weather crises are those that anticipate potential market changes over the long term, are resilient, and know how to adapt quickly. But how can you anticipate what you can’t predict?

Thinking the unthinkable… or anticipating in order to adapt to change

Change, as a symbol of adaptation and resilience, is what enables organisations to progress. Change represents the opportunity to create, to go further, to differentiate, and it is essential to improve, to grow, and even to survive in the marketplace – no matter what sector the business is in.

It is through the experience of change that the company learns to be flexible, versatile, and to develop the ability to adapt. Anticipation is the ultimate competitive advantage for organisations. However, it is not possible to foresee every scenario. But even without a crystal ball, companies can prepare themselves by developing strategies for a variety of possible outcomes.

Climbing to new heights

With its knowledge of the Luxembourgish market and its specificities, Apollo Strategists assists companies to take a step back and develop innovative solutions, and to take new directions in the face of a crisis. Communication, flexibility and transparency are essential. Through a change management strategy based on clear objectives, uncertainties are gradually identified and then mastered, and can even become competitive advantages and be transformed into opportunities for growth and innovation. The important thing is to focus on recovery, not survival, and to change the way you do business. Resilience approaches crises as obstacles to be overcome, always with a new goal in mind.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño