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MAY 10 2022

The changing role of PR against a backdrop of crisis

Yesterday we celebrated a Europe that has been turned upside down by an unstable geopolitical context - mainly due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Against the backdrop of the crisis, Apollo Strategists stresses the importance of corporate transparency in order to maintain trust and to deal with fake news and propaganda, which is being played out more than ever on social media. Transparency is a company's best weapon and is characterised by relevant and factual information, authentic and clear messages as well as consistent and relevant actions.

And while there is talk of "information warfare" or "communication warfare", social networks - because of their place in our modern lives and the influence they now have on every major event - are on the front line, playing their role as informers, taking special measures, communicating and dealing with the impact of fake news and misinformation.

Times of crisis call for human-centred communication, placing trust and ethics first, and aspiring to convey inspiring stories in the common interest. This is also recognised by organisations, which are putting CSR and ESG at the heart of their communications plans and highlighting their commitment to communities. As a result, PR professionals are being challenged to develop their skills, to adapt, and gain perspective.

The increased blurring between PR and marketing

The role of communications is shifting and the boundaries between public relations and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred. Although they are often complementary, marketing and public relations are distinct. Both leverage each other to improve the visibility of the company, PR at a long-term relationship of trust and a positive image of the company, whereas marketing aims at selling. Apollo, which differs from an agency in the services it provides, helps companies to position themselves as experts in their field in order to establish strong credibility for the company and its services.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Lou Weis