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Sharing expertise.

APRIL 1 2021

“The Job Shadow Day – a huge opportunity!”

“As graduation comes closer and closer, choosing a course of study becomes all the more “urgent”. To conquer this decision, one has to think about what they want to do later in life. This is the exact point where the JSD, so in my case Apollo Strategists, comes in. They allow you to really experience and understand what the people working in the field you are interested in are doing. You can get a peek into the daily work-routine all the while being able to get a feel of how your life would look like if you decided to work in that field. Furthermore, the opportunities you can get can exceed the boundaries of the JSD and the contacts you get/make can serve as a stepping stone later in life!“ says Pierre Roth, student at Lycée Michel Rodange.

The Apollo team adds: “It was a real pleasure and fun to spend a day with Pit and to share real-world practice at Apollo. Pit gave us valuable feedback as he is eager to understand the advisory and communications business. We are curious to see how he develops and will watch his path”.