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JUNE 22 2022

Values - the backbone of a company

An organization based on a strategy of transparency - rooted in strong values, a mission, and a vision - rich with a culture shared by all employees, is no doubt the Holy Grail for any organisation. In this era of transparency made imperative, we no longer want messages that rings hollow, but we rely on authentic and meaningful communication.

This Thursday, 23 June, on the occasion of our "Nationalfeierdag", we in Luxembourg are highlighting our characteristic values: openness, dynamism and reliability. Much like a country is built around values, a company’s identity is shaped on three pillars: mission, vision, and values.

Values as an antidote to conformism

As the foundation on which the company is built, mission, vision, and values must guide the organisation's decisions. By clarifying these concepts, the company establishes several vital points such as: who are we? what do we do, and why do we do it? what path do we want to follow? what are the objectives to be achieved? what corporate culture will guide the organization in each of its stages? do all our actions reflect our values?

Corporate culture is a powerful lever for maintaining, renewing, and shaping the viability of an organization. Backbone of the organization, the values serve to describe it, differentiate it and signify what can be expected of it; they are the ethical principles on which the organization is built and according to which it acts. Internally, values allow to give meaning, federate, and unite employees; because when shared, values are essential to business growth and success. Externally, they enable to take action, and provide consistency to build the image and reputation. Values are the foundation of all action inside and outside the organization, they make the company's vision shine through its behaviour.

Transparency, the keystone of organizations

While focusing on transparency, the company affirms its culture and adopts a more differentiating message than ever. Transparency requires the company to come to terms with its imperfections and qualities, its ambitions and aspirations. A company can no longer be satisfied with hollow, meaningless messages, but must now be in action and proof. An internal communication strategy based on authentic communication is essential to share the values with all employees.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard