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FEBRUARY 14 2023

Why is radio still a valuable media for your communications in Luxembourg?

Yesterday, and as every year on the 13th of February, the International Day of the Radio celebrated the importance of this communication media, which remains a crucial tool for organizations to reach and communicate with their target audience. Radio is a popular media in Luxembourg - whether you listen to RTL Lëtzebuerg Radio, L'Essentiel Radio, Eldoradio or Radio 100.7 - with an industry that has adapted by offering online streams of their programs and expanding their reach.

So, why is it still so valuable?

▪ Its broad reach: especially in areas where other types of media are not accessible

▪ Accessibility: radio is easily accessible via mobile devices, making it a great option for listeners on the go, especially for Luxembourg's 212,229 cross-border commuters (Statec figures in its July 2022 payroll note)

▪ Flexibility and real-time broadcasting: radio allows for live broadcasts, which present real-time updates and information to listeners

▪ Targeted and diverse audience: radio stations often reach specific demographics, making it possible to target a particular audience

▪ Engagement: radio generates a strong emotional connection with listeners through voice and sound, which is the vehicle for emotions

▪ Loyal audience: many listeners are loyal to their favorite stations and develop strong relationships with hosts, making radio an effective platform for building brand loyalty

▪ Great coverage throughout the day: according to the TNS ILRES Plurimedia Luxembourg 2022.I study, the average radio listening time in Luxembourg is 3 hours 12 minutes a day per listener

▪ Proximity: radio is a proximity media, particularly prone to reaching large audiences

▪ Instantaneity in the treatment of information

So, let’s celebrate – on top of Valentine’s Day – the powerful platform that is radio, which has become an essential part of the Luxembourg media landscape, and its importance in managing an organization’s reputation. As a mass media, radio can reach a large audience quickly and efficiently, and can help build a positive image of the organization through the dissemination of key messages such as interviews with opinion leaders, press releases… Radio can also help in crisis management to provide quick and accurate updates to listeners.

Author: Jennifer Pierrard - Adapted into English by Natalia Núñez Bolaño