Apollo Strategists is an independent Luxembourg PR advisory company specialized in strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations, reputation management and public & government affairs.

crisis solution support services.

We at Apollo strongly believe in opportunities that crisis and change provide Due to this unprecedented situation, we want to stay positive and seize opportunities. We put in place a few solutions to better help you cope with the current conditions but also – and we feel strongly about this- to take advantage of our common time to help you innovate, change and create new leadership.

Internal communication:
Internal communication is essential in this kind of situation as it keeps your staff informed and focused. As you might not have the resources to plan and operate internal communications strategies and tools, we will help you find immediate solutions and build for the future.

Public Affairs/ network:
You might have difficulties in reaching out to authorities, you might want to have an in-depth understanding of local politics as you only settled down in Luxembourg or want to rapidly take root in the Grand-Duchy. Let us guide you through the functioning of our society, its estates and media.

Due to the current situation, your company may face a lot of challenges including a lack of human resources. Apollo strategists can be the back-up of your teams to make sure all your communication actions will take place and that relevant messages are shared with employees and external stakeholders in the right moment.

Video content production and delivery:
Today and most probably in the future, video is key. Together with our trusted partner Free-lens, we provide you with the necessary technical and operational support for professional recorded, live streaming and interactive video content.

Remote Coaching:
We provide two types of remote coaching being it for individuals or smaller groups:

Media coaching:
Our customized media trainings will help you to take control of your messages and provide opportunities. We provide you with a good understanding of the media and their functioning, of how messages can be passed in an efficient way, how pitfalls of interviews can be overcome and how to master the techniques. As part of our trainings, we offer many case studies and practical workshops for managers / executives of companies and communication managers / spokespersons of the company.

Crisis communication coaching & rehearsal:

Our CC coaching provides managers with the tools and techniques needed to manage and limit the impact of crises and will provide you with the ability to avoid, anticipate and detect crises in the future.

Keep in mind that crisis and change provide opportunities.

For imminent crisis communication support send your questions to crisis@apollo.lu and get immediate support from our team:

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