Apollo Strategists est une société de conseil luxembourgeoise indépendante spécialisée dans les domaines de la communication stratégique, de la communication de crise, des relations avec les médias, de gestion de la réputation et des affaires publiques et gouvernementales.

Sharing expertise.

JANVIER 1 2021

Embrace the new year

Last year, we at Apollo kept a list of all the beautiful things that we lived through with our clients, partners and us, colleagues. We recorded what made us laugh, the lessons we learned, the change we liked, the great women and men we met and the pleasure we found in sharing our expertise.

For us, the most rewarding in 2020 was to share our expertise with great people. We decided to continue to do so in 2021 and beyond, as it is a value at the heart of Apollo, and…

…we will keep our list updated!

Sharing expertise